TODAY IS THE DAY! The 2012 Bilbao Saint Thomas Market

I just want to share a few images I shot yesterday while I was downtown.

The Plaza Nueva and the streets surrounding El Arenal were full of workers getting the stalls ready for today’s unique festivity. December 21st is always a special day in Bilbao.

Small farmers from the area will take part with stalls offering the best products from their vegetable gardens and farms: Vegetables, cheeses, fruits, txakoli, cider, talo, home-made bread, honey, live animals, plants and flowers …..

In addition, whoever visits the city at this time should know that there are two other markets in the area. One is the Christmas street market by the Santander train station, offering small arts and crafts, gifts, accessories …..

The other one is the Bilbao craft fare, which is located beside the Arriaga Theatre and specializes in pottery, jeweler, leather, painting …….

I can’t wait! The smell of “Txistorra” (a typical Basque spicy sausage), will take over the streets of Bilbao. My mouth is watering right now just at the thought of talo and txistorra.

Tomorrow I will share the pictures of the fair in Friday 21th December.

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Basque farmer markets

Local farmer markets, where Basque food products can be seen and sampled amid traditional celebrations, are very popular during the summertime. Last Sunday, I came across one of those markets in Barakaldo, a town in the metropolitan area of Bilbao, half way between Bilbao and its harbor. Barakaldo was celebrating its annual local festival.Who doesn’t love farm fresh fruit and veggies? I sure do! I love wandering farmer markets and the charm that comes from the opportunity to meet the farmers face to face. The other day the market was teamed with stands and people. Everything looked so wonderful. I had to keep reminding myself not to spend a lot of money. Even so, I couldn’t resist and I bought a few things!I captured a few images from the time spent there to share with you.I hope you enjoy watching this exhibition revolving around fresh fruits, veggies, beans, baked goods, flowers, all sorts of cheeses, honey, handmade soaps made with the purest of essential oils, wines and so on.You’re welcome to visit us. Bilbao Greeters will be more than happy to go with you. Weekend markets are very popular during the summertime.

I look forward to reading all the comments. Thank you for taking the time to leave them.

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Around the market “La Ribera”

This morning I went over to the newly opened market “La Ribera”. This market was designed in 1927 by one of our most famous architects, Pedro de Ispizua. It is the largest indoor market in Europe, with 1,700 square meters. What I like most about the building, are those big stained glass windows, the latticework and the rosettes that give it an eclectic Art Deco style.

Here you have a tour of this beautiful market.


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