Walking along the Nervion riverbanks in Bilbao, ahhh so amazing and relaxing!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day out, so I walked up and down the river and stopped a few places along the way. I loved watching joggers, tourists, locals just hanging around and the incredible Guggenheim museum with shimmering and color-changing scales, titanium curves and Puppy, a friendly guard dog. It is a really great way to be outside and still sightseeing but with a lovely atmosphere.

To me, there’s nothing quite like walking on both sides of the river and enjoy at a leisurely pace while exploring how much Bilbao has changed.

And then, before I even realized it, it was dark and the lights came on.

I am very lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

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Puppy all groomed and dressed for winter

Last week, after several days of hard work, Puppy was kitted out with 38,000 pansies of different colors to keep it comfortable and happy throughout the winter months. Here are some pictures of the work done.

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See how it is standing out in all its splendor!