Come, Join, The Aste Nagusia, Bilbao 2011

Just one more day and the city of Bilbao will be bursting with people enjoying 9 days of celebrations on the streets with over 300 free events and an astounding atmosphere. Bilbao Big Week will be held from the 20th to the 28th of August. Marijaia, a doll with her arms raised in the air, is the queen and mascot of the fiesta. She will be burned on the last day of the celebrations.

Furthermore, Bilbao has this year “the Greeters”, to help you to take home the best memories of Bilbao and our Big Week.


Hurry up!, don’t miss this opportunity, and get in touch with Bilbao Greeters!


We will also take part in the fiesta as Bilbao Greeters has been invited to the Amstel Party Boat, organized by the AMSTEL beer brand. One of our greeters will participate in the party next  Sunday. There will be music, dancing and, of course, the best beer, while watching the wonderfull fireworks display from the boat.

The brand will be present, as a sponsor, at the live concerts that will be held at Botika Vieja.

Here is the schedule of concerts at  24.00 hours every day.

   Saturday 20th

Asfalto + Medina Azahara
    Sunday 21st
Simple Plan
  Monday 22nd
Ken Zazpi
  Tuesday 23rd
La Fuga
   Wednesday 24th
Kaotiko + Gatibu
   Thursday 25th
Música Electrónica: Dani Moreno (el Gallo Máximo) y Miguel Ángel Vizcaíno
  Friday 26th
El Mentón de Fogarty (Our best wishes to our friends and fellow travelers) + Dani Martin
    Saturday 27th



One more year, we are ready for the challenge of

nine amazing days and nights

Would you like to join us?

“Fiestas” in the Basque Country

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain, Plaza ...

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If you like “Fiestas”, August is indeed the best month to visit the three Basque capitals: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Donostia-San Sebastian and Bilbao. Why? Because for three weeks, local festivities are celebrated, one after another, in the three cities: the fiesta of the “Virgen Blanca” of Gasteiz-Vitoria, the “Aste Nagusia” in Donostia-San Sebastian and in Bilbao. During that period of time, all three have a lot of activities and lots of fun in the streets for people of all ages.

After all year preparing for this, we are ready for 3 weeks’ celebrations. Come and join us! You will not regret it!

The 2011 fiesta programmes:

Today, August 4th, “La Blanca” in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Next week, August 13th, “Aste Nagusia”, the Great Week of Donostia-San Sebastian

The following week, August 20th, “Aste Nagusia”, the Great Week of Bilbao

for more info on the programmes,I leave here some links:


Donostia-San Sebastian


We look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you at the Basque Country’s fiestas

and hope you enjoy as much as we do.

See you soon in the Basque Country, Spain!

Bilbao’s 711th Birthday – The Old Quarter

Yesterday, Bilbao celebrated its 711th anniversary. It was in 1300 when Don Diego López de Haro, Lord of Vizcaya, gave the city the title of “Villa de Bilbao”.

What better way to celebrate it than walking in the streets of the Old Quarter, called “Las Siete Calles” – Seven Streets -. It was the place to be yesterday and experience all of the excitement a journey back through history has to offer.

For those of you less familiar with the area, a great way to visit it is simply to wander through the narrow, winding streets full of color and life, and discover alleys, squares, monuments at the cathedral, beautiful fountains, doors, old Balconies, buildings, bridges and so on dating back over the centuries.

But the old quarter is more than that, it is the lively heart of the city where we meet our friends and have a glass of wine and a pintxo –small appetizers-. It is a place to socialize, full of cozy bars with big selection of pintxos on the counters and lots of small shops selling clothes, food, gifts, traditional Basque items, and just about anything you might need.

Yesterday, I felt proud of being part of the history of Bilbao!

Please enjoy some pictures of my visit.

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Carnivals in Deusto

One more year ”the tomateros of Deusto“ (*) dressed up in costumes to celebrate Carnival. This popular neighborhood of Bilbao was filled with:dragons, pirates, flowers, bees, gangsters … all with a great deal of joy and imagination.
Here is a small taste of what happened.


(*) Back in the old days, Deusto was a rural area of Bilbao that produced tomatoes of local renown, and its residents are still nick named “tomateros”



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