Going to the theater

Humor and friendship, great recipe and great night!.On Wednesday night some volunteers and friends of Bilbao Greeters had the opportunity to go to the theatre to see the show “Garrick”, starring the already well-known comedians “Tricicle”. The Campos Elíseos Theater in Bilbao, also known as “la bombonera” – candy box, was the perfect place for a very interesting and amusing show. We enjoyed very much.We want to thank Tricicle for getting our associative neurons and pheromones working again. From the very beginning, it was obvious that each artist was not only fantastic, but that they still loved and appreciated every moment of their work after 31 years of being working together. For an hour and a half, they made us forget our problems and discover the benefit of laughter.

They are so good that they were born in Catalonia, but if they had been born in Bilbao…………….., even better, I imagine!

Thanks also to the volunteers and friends of Bilbao Greeters for being so participative. Without them, Bilbao Greeters wouldn’t exist!

It’s “a must see show”. We need to laugh a lot and more often.

We leave here some pictures taken before, during and after the show.

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Léa and Guillaume, our friends from Nantes (France)


Wow, What a wonderful day for Bilbao Greeters! Today, we have made some new friends. Léa and Guillaume who visited us from Nantes (France). Vanessa, Susana and Julio from Tele Bilbao, a local TV channel, who filmed the visit. The video production will be broadcasted soon on Tele Bilbao and uploaded to our web as well. Miriam from ZAWP, whom we want to thank for her accompaniment to their facilities as well as the area of Zorrozaurre. Mercedes from Ibilbi, a company that offers kickbike rides, and who showed us how to ride them. And last, but not least, Miren, our Greeter, alias “Beauty” and expert on making visitors feel “at home” while in Bilbao.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful day that we want to share with you. So much fun!

Come back whenever you wish. Everyone is always welcome here.

See you in Nantes some day!