Agur, Adiós, Goodbye San Mamés, our mighty “Cathedral”!

Everybody in Bilbao is getting ready to say goodbye to one great football stadium “San Mamés”, or the Cathedral as it is popularly known. home of the Athletic Club. Sunday May 26 will be a sad day for many Athletic supporters as it will be the last league match at the incredible and historic San Mamés.

The ground, opened in 1913, has seen plenty of action during 100 years of history. It will be demolished within few days. However, supporters will forever remember the “Cathedral” and its arch as a landmark in Bilbao history.

Progress, they say. Things change!

“San Mamés Barria”, the new stadium, is currently under construction just a few meters away from the other stadium. Part of the old stadium will be embedded into the new one so as to pass its magic to the new one. It is scheduled to open in time for the 2013/14 league season. However, it will not be finished till 2014.

It’s going to be tough saying goodbye to the “old” San Mamés. Although its successor has the look to sufficiently take its place,

We’ll miss the old San Mamés a lot!!!

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Áupa ATHLETIC!!! euuup!

Bilbao in celebration!

Today can be the day that our football team, Athletic Club of Bilbao, wins its first European trophy.

Bilbao is dressed up for the occasion. The team colors, red and white, are in full display on all streets and there is a collective enthusiasm.

Today’s final in Bucharest kicks off at 20.45CET.

May the best team win!

Bilbao is ready for the celebration.

Go Lions, we are with you!

Aupa Athletic!

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Visiting the Athletic Club headquarters – an enjoyable experience!

Last Tuesday, Marta and I visited the Palace of Ibaigane which it is a beautiful building built in 1920 and now the headquarters of the Athletic Club de Bilbao, our dear football (soccer) team.

We meet Jon Zapirain, director of the Athletic Club Foundation, who showed us around and was very kind. We shared information about the Foundation as well as our idea of bringing Greeters and Football together.

Thanks Jon for helping us to face the future with confidence. Your hints will be of great help!

Definitely, this was a very special morning.

See pictures below.

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