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  1. I was in Bilbao sept. 20th and i have wonderful tour guide, my family and I had a wonderful time with my tour guide Mr. Jazik Arteagabeitia (Bilboa Gretter) he is very good tour guide.
    My family and I am very appreciated his effort. Thank you very much.
    Anyway I tryed to give your assciation for donate (small amount) some mony by web site but i can not completed to donate money. Is any problem with web site?
    I have tryed 3 time but not succesful. Do you know any way I can complete the process? If you have good idea please contact me. Thank you.

  2. Thanks you very much for your commentaries, we´ll translated its to Jaizki, He will be very happy to know its.
    Please for the donation is very simple, only you have to click on the Donate bottom that has the link to the Paypal site for Eusko Greeters Donations

    Your Donation will be very welcome for our non profit association.
    In behalf of Bilbao Greeters, Thanks you very much!!

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