Bilbao Greeters Annual Meeting 2016

On December 14, we celebrated the V annual meeting in Bilbao, where as every year, we had the opportunity to share experiences, welcome new greeters and taste some pintxos (tapas) prepared by the Gure Ametza Restaurant.

It was nice to see more than 35 Greeters sharing great insights and experiences on how visitors have impacted their lives and viewing memorable pictures from this year’s visits.

After the formal part of the meeting, we stayed and spent the rest of the evening enjoying snacks, drinks and lively conversation.

For those not able to attend, you don’t need to miss out on all the fun! Here are some pictures of our get together.

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Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016

We have been awarded with the certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor for 3 consecutive years!!

“The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is awarded to services that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor”

We would like to thank all our valuable greeters for their great work and visitors for their positive reviews and for helping us in achieve this award!

We promise to continuously improve to offer  our visitors the very best welcome.

CertificadoExcelencia TripAdvisor-BilbaoGreeters


Bilbao White Night Festival 2014- A magical time!

On June 16th , Bilbao celebrated the 714th birthday of the city with a White Night festival. It was a new and exciting way to explore and discover our city. Bilbao Greeters attended this year.

See the White Night festival in Bilbao though the eyes of our Greeters.

Here’s what we saw. We hope you enjoy it!

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Fresh Local Veggies

In the Basque country, food an eating are the center of everyday life. I have never taken cooking classes. I was taught to cook and about the importance of eating fresh foods by my mother, and my mother from her mother.

Growing up, I remember her cooking every day, three meals a day for my sister, my father and me. She shopped every day at the neighborhood shops. I used to go along and loved watching her. She knew exactly what products she wanted, always fresh.

Today, I am a food and cooking lover thanks to my mom. Needless to say, I follow her recommendations: Use fresh, natural ingredients and keep it simple!

I feel lucky that I have great local small businesses and farms around my area. Buying seasonal ingredients is great!

They taste and look better. In addition, shopping at small local businesses, is a good way to support the local economy.

Local matters, and if one is a Greeter, much more! 🙂

Let me share with you the photos I took to the box of colorful organic veggies delivered yesterday directly from the farm.

My mouth is watering just looking at them!

verduras 1 verduras 2 verduras 3

Did you know Basques love Mushrooms?

If you are interested in the world of mushrooms, then you must know that the Basque Country is a recommended place.

The world of mushrooms is fascinating and it has a long tradition among Basque people. It begins in the forest and finishes at the dinner table.

It is a common practice here, during the autumn when rains come, that large numbers of people go into the forests to enjoy a pleasant walk while filling their baskets with mushrooms.

Boletus edulis, Cantharellus, Milk Caps and many more have a special place in our gastronomy.

At Bilbao Greeters, none of us are experts or claim to be experts. We simply want to shareour passion for them with you.

If you are considering visiting the Basque Country, and you love mushrooms too, let us know. We will be happy to help you find good local places where to eat them.

Stuffed, grilled, with eggs…… well, mushrooms are delicious! You can eat them at restaurants as a main dish (grilled mushrooms, served with an egg yolk, or with scrambled eggs), as a side dish (sautéed in mixtures with garlic and parsley) or at the bars displayed on the counters as “pintxos” (delicious small snacks).

I do like mushrooms. I must confess that I much prefer the eating to the hunting. The season is now, so a few days ago, I visited my friend at his local bar. He likes foraging for fungi and other wild edibles and enjoys cooking them later. He is really good!

Here are some pictures. What’s more, the food was incredible, the Rioja wine superb and the “Sobremesa” (the talk after the meal in Spanish) great! Of course!

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