Art and creativity in the streets of Bilbao

Last June 7th streets and plazas of Bilbao making them a gigantic outdoor art studio. It was a bright, sunshiny day and a fantastic opportunity to meet artists in a casual atmosphere. There was art to purchase. You could see the artists interpret what they were seeing and talk with them about their work. More specifically, you were able to listen to them about brushes, watercolor paints, the texture of paper while watching their creativity to flourish on the canvases. How delightful it all was! A big thank to all of the artists and in particular to watercolor painters: Gloria Cortina, Mari Mar González and Alfredo Gómez, for their attention and kindness. We hope to attend more events like this one. Here I leave some pictures.

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Doña Casilda Park

With a long history of almost 100 years now (its construction started in 1907), Doña Casilda Park is the main park in town. It was designed in Romantic style by the architect Ricardo Bastida and the engineer Juan de Eguiraun. From its early days on, it has been renewed and embellished, preserving the charm coming from its wonderful pond full of ducks and its typical biscuit sellers, a indelible scenery in the mind of every Bilbao dweller. Recently, the park’s infrastructure has been improved and extended to include a classical merry-go-round, two basketball pitches, a dancing water s fountain, a stage for live performances (called La Pérgola , or “pavilion”), and the Fine Arts Museum café, whose terrace looks onto the park, now being extended to reach the refurbished Abandoibarra area.

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