The day Eusko Greeters met David de Jorge, alias RobinFood, and his team

    Recently, Giselle from Montevideo, Uruguay and Marta and myself of Eusko Greeters, had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at David de Jorge’s cooking show Robin Food – Atracón a mano armada. Filmed at the facilities of famous chef, Martin Berasategui’s restaurant in Lasarte (Gipuzkoa), Spain, his fantastic show is a mix of great cooking, recipes without foolishness, great hands-on cooking lessons, portions that are huge and unwritten tricks. One of its kind and great communicator, David is a “big” guy like
    his show. Cooking can be easy and enjoyable watching him. His show is a hook!.

    It was thrilling for us to see what it was like behind the scenes in the new studio of Robin Food. The new set, fully in line with the needs of the program, was amazing. The shooting process was full of fun and excitement. We felt lucky to be behind the scenes at the set, watching it all happen. David was very enthusiastic while cooking. We watched him cook up some delicious recipes that won’t break the bank.

    And the new kitchen, Gorgeous! Everything at your fingertips, a lot of tools, the best of the best, from small appliances to large, big space, well, I would say, a place like heaven where one can enjoy cooking!.

    We were also fascinated by a motivated staff and a nice working atmosphere. The whole team made up of production technicians, cameramen, cooking crew, set designer, make-up artist and so on, were fantastic and kind to us. It’s amazing how much work goes into
    making the show happen and how many people are involved!.

    Thanks so much to the whole team for a nice evening behind the scenes, and ¡Viva Rusia!
    (Robin Food’s greetings).

    It was definitely a wonderful experience.

    Here I leave some pics.

    Keep up with your good work!.
    Giselle, Marta and Marivi

Cooking is revelation and creation. Simone de Beauvoir (1908 – 1986)

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Bilbao and its bullfighting tradition

The bullfighting tradition in Bilbao has over 100 years of history. Since 1845, Bilbao has had permanent bullrings and it is one of the most traditional bullfighting cities. One need only visit the Bullfighting Museum to realize that for all these years, Bilbao has liked bullfighting.

It is true that now, more than ever, the bullfighting continues to arouse passions and hatreds, but I’m not going to talk about it. What I share with you today is my visit the other day to the BullfightingMuseum at the “Vista Alegre” bullring in Bilbao, located near the Zabalburu square.

I have to admit that the world of bullfighting, as well as everything that surrounds the show, appeals to me. But at the same time, I must say that for over 30 years, I have not seen a bullfight.

I grew up watching bullfights, live and on television, and it seemed normal. My father and grandfather were fans and taught me to love and respect the art of bullfighting. Over time, I realized that I hate to see the suffering of the animal. Today, I no longer go to the bullfights. I would not kill a fly!, but I like the color of the show, the costumes, the music. Perhaps, it may be reminiscent of my childhood.

In my visit the other day to the museum, I saw a nice exhibition with mementos from 250 years of bullfighting history. The museum has a permanent exhibition showing the evolution of bullfighting in Bilbao, costumes, capes, photos of celebrities such as Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway, bull heads, banners, etc. Even more interesting is a whole stuffed bull that makes an impression on all the visitors. However, the highlight is a magnificent embroidered cape by famous painter Goya.

From the BullfightingMuseum you can also visit the bullring. It is a modern looking structure from outside, but in the ring, all is tradition. Moreover, it is one of the most recognizable bullrings in Spain because of the sand color. Unlike in most bullrings, where the ring has a sandy color, here it is grey. The bull pens, the bullfighters’ quarters, the chapel, etc are also nice areas that can be visited.

Whether you are a fan or not, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Bilbao, especially if you want to learn more about the world of bullfighting, but do not want to go through the experience of watching a bullfight.

Here I leave some pictures of the visit.  I hope you like them.

I really enjoyed the other day!

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TODAY IS THE DAY! The 2012 Bilbao Saint Thomas Market

I just want to share a few images I shot yesterday while I was downtown.

The Plaza Nueva and the streets surrounding El Arenal were full of workers getting the stalls ready for today’s unique festivity. December 21st is always a special day in Bilbao.

Small farmers from the area will take part with stalls offering the best products from their vegetable gardens and farms: Vegetables, cheeses, fruits, txakoli, cider, talo, home-made bread, honey, live animals, plants and flowers …..

In addition, whoever visits the city at this time should know that there are two other markets in the area. One is the Christmas street market by the Santander train station, offering small arts and crafts, gifts, accessories …..

The other one is the Bilbao craft fare, which is located beside the Arriaga Theatre and specializes in pottery, jeweler, leather, painting …….

I can’t wait! The smell of “Txistorra” (a typical Basque spicy sausage), will take over the streets of Bilbao. My mouth is watering right now just at the thought of talo and txistorra.

Tomorrow I will share the pictures of the fair in Friday 21th December.

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The Ribera Market sitting grandly again

After 3 years of reconstruction, the Ribera Market is sitting grandly again along the riverfront in the Old Quarter of Bilbao. They just opened up the last part that was still being restored. December 7th 2012 was the day and I was there, of course!.

Food holds a special place in Bilbainos’ hearts, and the market is a reference for most of us. I love coming to this place …. I always have to get my freshly fish and vegetables.

The Ribera Market is a great place to visit for anyone interested in food. If you are a food-lover, cook or just a visitor to Bilbao, don’t miss it! It is opened Monday through Saturday.

Here you have some pics. I hope you like them!

Located: Ribera, 20, 48005 Bilbao
Tram: La Ribera stop
Open: Monday – Saturday from 8am

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