The 18th Korrika on its way to Bayonne (France)

What’s “Korrika”?

Korrika is an event that was started in the Basque Country to raise awareness and money for the Basque language. The first korrika was put on in 1980.

The word “Korrika” is Basque for “running”.

People of all ages run the Korrika.

As Del Valle in Korrika describes the race, “Technically Korrika is a colossal footrace run in relays of 1 kilometers in which thousands or runners, men and woman of all ages, pass through the seven Basque territories carry a symbol identified as the testigo, or witness (baton). The principle objective of the race is to generate popular support for Euskara, the Basque language”.

Each kilometer is sold to raise money.

The money raised by Korrika goes to the continuation of the Basque language, especially to fund teachers and schools of the Basque language.

It is now ran also in countries across the world, as USA (San Francisco), England (London)

2013’s Korrika continues, with great success, its way to every corner of the Basque Country.

This year, the non-stop relay race will last 11 days, 24 hours a day, over a distance of more than 2,500 Kms.

It started in Andoain (Gipuzkoa) and will end on March 24th in Bayonne (France). The slogan is “Eman Euskara Ekarri” (“pass on Basque”)

The 18th Korrika was running through Barakaldo yesterday. Here are a few pics.

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Korrika 18