Did you know Basques love Mushrooms?

If you are interested in the world of mushrooms, then you must know that the Basque Country is a recommended place.

The world of mushrooms is fascinating and it has a long tradition among Basque people. It begins in the forest and finishes at the dinner table.

It is a common practice here, during the autumn when rains come, that large numbers of people go into the forests to enjoy a pleasant walk while filling their baskets with mushrooms.

Boletus edulis, Cantharellus, Milk Caps and many more have a special place in our gastronomy.

At Bilbao Greeters, none of us are experts or claim to be experts. We simply want to shareour passion for them with you.

If you are considering visiting the Basque Country, and you love mushrooms too, let us know. We will be happy to help you find good local places where to eat them.

Stuffed, grilled, with eggs…… well, mushrooms are delicious! You can eat them at restaurants as a main dish (grilled mushrooms, served with an egg yolk, or with scrambled eggs), as a side dish (sautéed in mixtures with garlic and parsley) or at the bars displayed on the counters as “pintxos” (delicious small snacks).

I do like mushrooms. I must confess that I much prefer the eating to the hunting. The season is now, so a few days ago, I visited my friend at his local bar. He likes foraging for fungi and other wild edibles and enjoys cooking them later. He is really good!

Here are some pictures. What’s more, the food was incredible, the Rioja wine superb and the “Sobremesa” (the talk after the meal in Spanish) great! Of course!

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Roasted Chestnuts – A flavour of Autumn

There are many flavors of Autumn, but for me, roasted chestnuts is what brings memories of autumn to my mind.

I grew up eating chestnuts in the Fall time and just few weeks ago roasted them at home. I love them, and my family

too. The smell of roasted chestnuts brings me back to memories of my childhood.

If you’ve never had a roasted chestnut, try it. The taste and the aroma is wonderful.

Here in Bilbao in winter, chestnut-sellers stand on streets with their little braziers. I love the smell in the open air and I always buy a small paper cone filled with roasted chestnuts. They are perfect for a stroll on a cold evening. Holding the warm chestnut paper cone in your hand and getting the smell while you eat them is a must for visitors to Bilbao.

If you stroll around the streets in Bilbao, you can find locomotive-shaped carts roasting chestnuts. If you see them, buy some to warm the chill of the crip autumn days. You can have a nice experience for just around 3 euros.

Here are some photos of the chestnuts that I picked up from a friend’s chestnut tree, roasted at home on an old frying pan and ate with my family last week. The photos of the street carts were taken in Bilbao.


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Walking along the Nervion riverbanks in Bilbao, ahhh so amazing and relaxing!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day out, so I walked up and down the river and stopped a few places along the way. I loved watching joggers, tourists, locals just hanging around and the incredible Guggenheim museum with shimmering and color-changing scales, titanium curves and Puppy, a friendly guard dog. It is a really great way to be outside and still sightseeing but with a lovely atmosphere.

To me, there’s nothing quite like walking on both sides of the river and enjoy at a leisurely pace while exploring how much Bilbao has changed.

And then, before I even realized it, it was dark and the lights came on.

I am very lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

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“That Immense Love… That Hurts So Much”

Ese Inmensoamor ... Que Duele TantoMany congratulations to Carmen Martínez, rhapsode and poet, for such a delightful book that was just released, for offering me the chance to discover the world of poetry, and for being a Greeter.

Motivated by Carmen’s invitation, I attended her book presentation: “That immense love… that hurts so much”, held in Bilbao. I’ve never been interested in poetry, but I was curious and Carmen deserved to be with friends on this important day for her.

Carmen presented her last collection of poems, which is the 11th book of her emotional baggage, as she likes to say. The presentation was lovely. Family and friends joined her in this sensational evening. I was deeply touched to hear Carmen and her rhapsode friends read the poems.

I can only say I was deeply moved, my sentiments flowed, and she won my admiration. The presentation was simply spectacular. At least, it is how I felt.

Now that a great curiosity for the poetry has aroused in me, I am sure that I will repeat.

If you are interested in her poetry and wish to buy the book and CD to listen to Carmen read her poetry, be sure to visit her website: http://www.lavidadecarmen.com/

Thanks Carmen for writing and sharing your wonderful poems with us all.Carmen Martínez

Bilbao Greeters guide of Bilbao for Iberia Airlines

Within the new promotion carried out by Iberia in over 20 cities around the world, and under the slogan “There is a Bilbao for your senses“, Bilbao Greeters was chosen to participate. Marta and Marivi, its founders, starred in the video-guide.

Iberia wants to show the world the most beautiful cities and introduce them through the eyes of a local, their hidden corners, way of fun, culture, night-life …… In short, showing everyday city lifestyle.

First of all, we want to thank all of the Iberia team for the opportunity and the good work done and in particular, to all of you who have made possible the appointment of Bilbao Greeters as “Bilbao IberiaMayor”, which is all of ours.

Fly and experience our city the way a Greeter does!

Take a look to the video and come to be one of us!

A big Thank you to all of you!.

Marta and Marivi