Bilbao Greeters Get-together 2015

The other day, after a long time, the Greeters of Bilbao got together again at Gure Ametzak restaurant, a meeting place that it is becoming traditional among us.

The get-together was very positive and a great opportunity for the group of greeters to see old faces and welcome the new volunteers who are key to Bilbao Greeters organization.

Since its founding 4 years ago, almost 600 visits have been handled by our organization and about 1,500 visitors discovered Bilbao and surroundings with a Greeter.

As part of the meeting, we practiced our observation ability and knowledge of Bilbao by playing a guessing game. The volunteers were split into different teams. The challenge was to guess which places of Bilbao were hidden in the pictures. It was a nice way to create laughter and break the ice.

During the event, Greeters were welcomed with appetizers and drinks, as is customary!

Thanks to everyone for their participation and welcome to the new members.

Many thanks as well to our family and friends for taking the time to listen and always being there for us.

For those that couldn’t attend, we missed them but truly hope that we can see them soon!

Photos courtesy of our Greeter Bego Guillén, and an artist working with photography. Thanks Bego!


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