A popular festival – The summer solstice and St. John’s Eve

The Basque people love their customs and traditions that have been preserved over time, such as the celebration of St. John’s Eve. This festival, linked to the summer solstice, is also a night of witches, magic and beliefs.

It is a very ancient festival linked to multiple purification beliefs to welcome the arrival of summer and to scare away evil spirits. It is held in many towns and neighborhoods around a bonfire, where people gather, sing and dance traditional folk music.

The tradition goes that you must write two wishes for the future and something you don’t want to happen on a piece of paper. You then burn this paper and jump over the fire. You must jump over the fire, at least 3 times, to ensure a lucky and healthy year.

We leave here some pictures of the festival held at Trapagaran (Bizkaia) for you have an idea of what it is like.

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