Fresh Local Veggies

In the Basque country, food an eating are the center of everyday life. I have never taken cooking classes. I was taught to cook and about the importance of eating fresh foods by my mother, and my mother from her mother.

Growing up, I remember her cooking every day, three meals a day for my sister, my father and me. She shopped every day at the neighborhood shops. I used to go along and loved watching her. She knew exactly what products she wanted, always fresh.

Today, I am a food and cooking lover thanks to my mom. Needless to say, I follow her recommendations: Use fresh, natural ingredients and keep it simple!

I feel lucky that I have great local small businesses and farms around my area. Buying seasonal ingredients is great!

They taste and look better. In addition, shopping at small local businesses, is a good way to support the local economy.

Local matters, and if one is a Greeter, much more! 🙂

Let me share with you the photos I took to the box of colorful organic veggies delivered yesterday directly from the farm.

My mouth is watering just looking at them!

verduras 1 verduras 2 verduras 3

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