Roasted Chestnuts – A flavour of Autumn

There are many flavors of Autumn, but for me, roasted chestnuts is what brings memories of autumn to my mind.

I grew up eating chestnuts in the Fall time and just few weeks ago roasted them at home. I love them, and my family

too. The smell of roasted chestnuts brings me back to memories of my childhood.

If you’ve never had a roasted chestnut, try it. The taste and the aroma is wonderful.

Here in Bilbao in winter, chestnut-sellers stand on streets with their little braziers. I love the smell in the open air and I always buy a small paper cone filled with roasted chestnuts. They are perfect for a stroll on a cold evening. Holding the warm chestnut paper cone in your hand and getting the smell while you eat them is a must for visitors to Bilbao.

If you stroll around the streets in Bilbao, you can find locomotive-shaped carts roasting chestnuts. If you see them, buy some to warm the chill of the crip autumn days. You can have a nice experience for just around 3 euros.

Here are some photos of the chestnuts that I picked up from a friend’s chestnut tree, roasted at home on an old frying pan and ate with my family last week. The photos of the street carts were taken in Bilbao.


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