Bilbao Greeters guide of Bilbao for Iberia Airlines

Within the new promotion carried out by Iberia in over 20 cities around the world, and under the slogan “There is a Bilbao for your senses“, Bilbao Greeters was chosen to participate. Marta and Marivi, its founders, starred in the video-guide.

Iberia wants to show the world the most beautiful cities and introduce them through the eyes of a local, their hidden corners, way of fun, culture, night-life …… In short, showing everyday city lifestyle.

First of all, we want to thank all of the Iberia team for the opportunity and the good work done and in particular, to all of you who have made possible the appointment of Bilbao Greeters as “Bilbao IberiaMayor”, which is all of ours.

Fly and experience our city the way a Greeter does!

Take a look to the video and come to be one of us!

A big Thank you to all of you!.

Marta and Marivi

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