Bilbao’s 711th Birthday – The Old Quarter

Yesterday, Bilbao celebrated its 711th anniversary. It was in 1300 when Don Diego López de Haro, Lord of Vizcaya, gave the city the title of “Villa de Bilbao”.

What better way to celebrate it than walking in the streets of the Old Quarter, called “Las Siete Calles” – Seven Streets -. It was the place to be yesterday and experience all of the excitement a journey back through history has to offer.

For those of you less familiar with the area, a great way to visit it is simply to wander through the narrow, winding streets full of color and life, and discover alleys, squares, monuments at the cathedral, beautiful fountains, doors, old Balconies, buildings, bridges and so on dating back over the centuries.

But the old quarter is more than that, it is the lively heart of the city where we meet our friends and have a glass of wine and a pintxo –small appetizers-. It is a place to socialize, full of cozy bars with big selection of pintxos on the counters and lots of small shops selling clothes, food, gifts, traditional Basque items, and just about anything you might need.

Yesterday, I felt proud of being part of the history of Bilbao!

Please enjoy some pictures of my visit.

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