As Marta and I were leaving work today, we met at the Plaza Pio Baroja with some nice guys from “Dosdetres”. They were working on their project called ETXE LOREA, which means flower house, for the Urban Garden Contest that will be held in Bilbao May 27, 2011.

They were very excited and working hard while hiding from the bright sun. Hooray for them!

As “Bilbainos”, we enjoy and love the urban exhibitions. This year we will visit the beautiful spots again. Don’t miss this opportunity and book a greeter today!

At the same time, we leave the link to the offical page of the contest.

Urban Garden Contest –

One comment on “BILBAO URBAN GARDEN CONTEST – Getting ready

  1. This is so great! I want it to happen everywhere.
    I am an artist/researcher/gardener growing my own project garden as part of an artists studio program in Canada. Here in North America it is important to find out who was here before us, – no matter what site we occupy now.
    see my project blog about “creaturality”

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